Colorful Clouds Astronaut Lamp With Rainbow Effect Night Light

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Unique creative cloud light design with rainbow-like effect. Small and cute astronauts can enjoy themselves comfortably on the cloud. Suitable for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and other holidays, as a gift to children, family, friends, and colleagues, I believe they will like it very much.

The LED Strip Lights provide the primary Red, Green, Blue (RGB) and white, and 12 multicolored options. With 6 DIY colors, 8 modes, and adjustable brightness, you can DIY your favorite color to decorate your room.

This light is unique and cool. It will illuminate the entire room in different colors, thereby adding personality to any space. Children will appreciate beautiful colors when they fall asleep, while adults can enjoy many different colors while saving power.

New Clouds Astronaut Night LightColorful clouds, exciting cloud design, with a rainbow-like effect. Small and cute astronauts enjoy comfortably on the cloud.

 Package Including1.Astronaut Cloud Light 2.USB Cable(The USB cable with 200 lights mode is always connected to the cloud) 3.Remote control