Wooden Double Row Egg Storage Box

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A natural, stylish and healthy option for your family.

Acacia wood is heavy, hard, straight texture, thick structure, light color, beautiful texture, high mechanical strength and wear resistance. The whole material is made of imported wood wax oil for anti-corrosion, waterproof, health, and safety. Preserving the texture of the logs and the natural touch, in the process of intercepting the wood, the texture is polished step by step, each one is different. Suitable for kitchen, refrigerator storage Precautions: 1. Microwave oven is forbidden 2. Do not place at high temperatures or next to the stove 3. Avoid direct sunlight 4. Prohibition of bleach cleaning 5. Do not soak in water with detergent 6. Do not use iron wire, etc. 7. Prevent falling or shock