Solid Wood Acacia Round Plate

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The popularity of dishes made of Acacia is explained by both the beauty of the wood and its medicinal qualities. Plates and bowls are convenient for eating and storing food. People who use such plates can confirm that the food retains freshness much longer: it will not sour and will not be covered with mold. Acacia wood will give food a special flavor and taste. And what is important, cedar has a disinfectant property, and products in such a plate become more useful, being saturated with Acacia phytoncides.

Comfortable plates -a dish made of natural Siberian Acacia wood! Handmade from solid wood!

Covered with hot beeswax, vegetable oil, and cedar resin. The natural color of the wood is left, perhaps toning with mahogany, walnut, oak.

For food products.


Absolutely eco-friendly product!


Recommendations for care.

1. Wooden utensils should not be subjected to excessive moisture. Do not use the dishwasher for washing dishes made of wood. Also, such dishes do not like soaking in water. Wood absorbs moisture and becomes heterogeneous. If glue was used in the production of wooden utensils, it can simply fall apart. The surface of the dishes will become rough and porous.

2. It is forbidden to use abrasives, as well as chemicals containing acid, solvents or alkali to clean dishes made of wood. Use soap solution for cleaning.

3. After washing, dry the wooden dishes. Do not store it over a tray where water flows. Wood absorbs moisture, the possible development of microorganisms and molds.

4. To maintain the wooden utensils in good condition and update it after prolonged use, periodically cover the dishes with our composition based on beeswax, vegetable oil and cedar resin.


Item: Wood Plate

Material: lovesickness Wood

Color: Natural Wood Color

Approx. Dimension: As shown in the picture below

Use for: Cake Dishes Home/ Hotel/School Dessert Snack Fruit Dry Fruit