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Travel Tea Set for the Travel nomad

This is one of the coolest and most compact unique travel tea sets in our collection! The very user-friendly and attractive Travel style tea set has a variety of options, which offers brewing for tea or coffee for one, two, or three people on your next travel adventure.

The inset lid makes it much easier to use than a classic teaset but just as easy to clean. And the upper lip surrounding the lid allows for an easy grip that is cooler to the touch. The teapot and cups are made from a nice, dense ceramic that offers a quality feel. The inside of the teapot has the same glaze as the outside, but the inside of the upper lip is unglazed, as is the underside of the lid. This allows for a more secure, non-slip fit of the lid on the teapot. And it also has a nice aesthetic feel to the unglazed clay in placing the lid on the teapot. Overall it's a very smart design!