Wooden Tableware utensil Set

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stay eco-friendly with our 100% natural and sustainable Asian Wooden Tableware Set! With a simple and classic wooden material, this cooking set will be a great fit for any kitchen.

Our Asian Wooden Tableware Set comes with a pair of spoons and forks, as well as a pair of chopsticks. It is made out of high-quality wood that is durable, temperature-resistant, and looks great! At around 22.5 cm in length, this tableware set is just the right length to use in dipping bowls and even mixing ramen. Plus, it is made out of wood - it won't scratch or damage any of your pots and pans, unlike stainless steel material!

If you want a trustworthy cooking companion that will never let you down, our Asian Wooden Tableware Set is definitely something that you need to add to your kitchen.Wooden Tableware Set


- Wood Insulation - Wood is a natural insulator which makes it a perfect material for cooking utensils! It doesn't get too hot compared to metal and stainless steel and

- Scratch-free - since it is made out of wood, our tableware set won't scratch your cooking ware!

- Eco-Friendly - Our wooden cooking set is designed with sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind

- Unique Grains - Each wooden utensil has a unique wood grain - which means no two utensils look alike. This makes the set really unique and aesthetic


- 1x Asian Wooden Tableware Set (Comes with Spoon, Fork and Chopsticks)


Net weight:33g

Size: Chopsticks: 23.5*1.5 (cm);Spoon: 22.5*4 (cm);Fork: 22.5*3 (cm)

Material: Wooden